Changing Role of a Realtor

How my job went from being in front of people to avoiding people.

Like everyone, the Job of being a Realtor has changed dramatically and almost hourly over the last month. From focusing on coffee’s, lunches, showing homes and talking Real Estate with people, I’m now doing what I can to avoid face to face contact with anyone. This change happened so gradually, yet so quickly, many of us are trying to figure out how to fill a calendar that used to be booked weeks in advance.

I’m a firm believer that these immediate turns in our lives are actually opportunities. Whether it was when my career with the Guelph Mercury came to a much-publicised end, or now, the opportunities for positive change will exist. We just need to keep an open mind and embrace the ones that make us a better member of our community.

Speaking of opportunity, have you ever said, “If I had more time, I would…..”? I think we all have and I hope you are making the most of this time. One of my goals for 2020 was to communicate more to my clients and friends about the Real Estate world in Guelph. I am trying to do that with even more purpose through my weekly update. These will move to monthly once the Pandemic subsides, but for now, I believe communicating and providing good information is key to everyone feeling less anxious. Not on the list… sign up here

You may have noticed that I have embraced a technology called Zoom. This video conferencing tool allows me to hold coffee meetings, cocktail dates with friends, and hopefully a weekly coffee/round table to answer questions about Real Estate. Please feel free to join me, or even ask for a one on one coffee.

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