Real Estate Services as an Essential Service

While the Covid-19 Pandemic has most businesses closed and services in Ontario grinding to a halt, why is a Realtor Considered an Essential Service?

Now that’s a question I’ve seen asked on Social Media, and in fact, it is a decision that many in our industry were surprised but thankful for. It’s also a decision that my colleagues and I need to take seriously and not abuse.

Real Estate Services for those who have already purchased a home, and given notice to their landlord, or sold their current home must close on time to allow the chain of moving from one home to the next to continue. As professionals, the last thing we want to see happen is for someone to find themselves the odd domino out of a chain of closings and not have our support to sort things out with them to get into their new home.

In fact, I have spent most of a day this week helping a client sort through an unfortunate hiccup just before closing. Their diligence and a little guidance from me will hopefully allow their house to close next week.

So, with that in mind, we are essential to support our clients through closing their deal and to continue to assist clients that have an urgent need for a home.

The Ontario Real Estate Association takes this perspective seriously and issued a statement to all registered Realtors in Ontario that we were to NOT conduct public open houses until further notice. We are to avoid face to face meetings, and if possible show homes virtually when no one else is in the residence. As an association and an industry, we are taking Social-Distance seriously.

Personally, I stopped showing homes over a week ago, and have maintained a fairly strict self-isolation regime since then. I’ve only ventured near people to pick up groceries at the curbside and fuel my vehicle. But, even though I’ve haven’t been physically in the presence of anyone other than my partner, I have still been engaging clients virtually, even hosting a market update through Zoom.

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