Go Train Service in Guelph

With my current listing only an 18-minute walk from Guelph Central Go Station it has caused me to ponder all of the benefits of this service. By my count, we now have 8 Go Trains into Union Station every day. This is up from an original 2 or 3 trains each way.

Back when there were only 2, I was still able to get to New York City without the stress of driving a car. It was as easy as, walk to the train station, Go Train to Union, shuttle to Billy Bishop, ferry of course, and a Porter flight to Newark followed by a train into Penn Station. It was easy, relatively inexpensive, and I arrived more relaxed than if I had driven through morning traffic to YYZ.

Now with more trains, it’s convenient to grab a train in for a matinee at any of the theatres, or even the Blue Jay’s opening day, and still take a train home. You just might have to stop for dinner or lunch too. You can even grab the 3:15 pm train, watch a game or concert and get a 10:53 pm train home.

So, while all of this will make our lives more convenient, it will also increase the desire for downtown homes and condos. Which is why you see RiverHouse, RiverMill and Metalworks doing so well. It also means that the downtown Guelph businesses like Tomme Cheese (pronounced like home) that embrace this increased traffic will prosper, and we’ll see some more great restaurants and cafe’s looking to feed and quench the thirst of commuters and tourists getting off the train.

Now if only we could get some weekend service and a connection between Go and the UP Train at Brampton Station. Then, I could just take the train to YYZ and never have to try to remember which level and letter I parked on after a week in the sun. Yes, I’ve walked around Viscount Parking Garage pushing the alarm to find my vehicle!

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